La Dame Alpin 阿尔卑斯少女

The flowers are at their Bacchanals
Among the lusty green; 
Wild Orchis and Narcissus waltz
With Marguerite for queen. 
Birds join in glees and madrigals
To little loves unseen; 
And unimprisoned Waterfalls
Flash laughing in between. 

The dandelion puffs her balls, 
Free spinsters of the air, 
Who scorn to wait for beetle calls
Or bees to find them fair; 
But breaking through the painted walls
Their sisters tamely bear, 
Fly off in dancing down, which falls
And sprouts up everywhere. 

And far above Earth's flower-filled lap
And rosy revelry, 
The mountain mothers feed her sap
From herded clouds on high-- 
Each pinnacle and frozen pap
Whose life has long gone by, 
A bridge which spans the mighty gap
Between the earth and sky. 



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